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Awaken a New Vision: Support Sibone Okunye 

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Hello Art Lovers! 
I hope you find my work inspiring, and that it challenges you and that it brings you joy. 

I have been offered a residency at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and I need your help to fully seize this opportunity.

I want to use this important moment in my art practice to cultivate local talents and facilitate a rich exchange of artistic ideas.

With all my heart I believe in the power art has and any contribution you may provide will go directly toward facilitating my participation in this residency, ensuring that my art continues to challenge, inspire, and facilitate conversations on a global scale.

Your support will help take this project beyond an exhibition but also make a conference and art prize feasible.

Sibone Okunye Symposium 30 November 2023

Our one-day conference is the nucleus of this initiative, bringing together local and regional talents to delve deep into the theme. However, we need your support to elevate this vision.

Your contribution will make it feasible for distinguished speakers to travel, ensuring the richness of discourse. Moreover, it will open doors for local artists and academics to attend, enabling their valuable participation. With enough support, we'll encapsulate the essence of the symposium in a publication, giving permanence to our collective insights.


Byo Artists Prize

We're introducing an art prize, inviting local artists to interpret and represent our theme. This is more than just a contest; it's a chance to nurture, highlight, and support the burgeoning talents of Bulawayo. By backing this exhibition, you're not just supporting art; you're fostering an entire community, allowing for a lasting legacy that transcends the walls of a gallery. Join us in shaping a brighter, more diverse artistic future. Embrace the vision, see something else.

Thank you for your generous support! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Zimbabwe National Gallery,  Bulawayo  

The National Gallery in Bulawayo is a unique facility, which holds invigorating and challenging exhibitions. As custodians of a growing Zimbabwean heritage, we are tasked with the creative and intellectual discipline to select, to nurture and commend outstanding works of visual art, to select and display pivotal works, to generate and improve upon existing talent, to train and develop artistic skills, to educate, to empower, to mediate, and mostly to celebrate.     Instagram: @byogallery

75 Joshua Nkomo Street/L Takawira Avenue, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

About the artist

Bokani is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes abstract glass painting and computational installations. She is interested in the patterns of integral ecology, our connections to each other and the planet. Bokani is Zimbabwean born, she lives and works in London. 

Bokani has been invited to be an International Artist-In-Residence at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The exhibition will feature art from a body of work developed during her residency.

Instagram: @bokani

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Thank you for your generous support! 

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