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Goldsmiths College, Shivers, MA Degree Show 2021


An interactive toy car sheds light on the ethical quagmire of computational technology. The work drives from child-miners of cobalt, through invisible factory, warehouse and delivery workers, to arrive at surveillance capitalism, as it intersects with our response to the climate crisis.

sorry for your loss

'Sorry for your loss' made in 2019, is a  generative, computational art projection mapped onto a multimedia sculpture and an exploration of the different stages of grief. The shape created in collaboration with colleagues, made me think of a mausoleum or what an elaborate gravestone might look like. The act of projecting into the shape evoked reflections on how we project onto funereal artifacts our changing emotions. Each scene represents a stage of grief; shock, denial, overwhelming emotions including anger, bargaining, acceptance and finally adaptation.

we were never meant to survive

The poem, 'A Litany of Survival', by Audre Lorde,  speaks about the resilience of the survivor and the response to racism. I wanted to handle skin colour without specifically referring to it, so anyone using the sketch has the same treatment. I also wanted to hint at erasure.  


After decades among the hidden homeless, Dominic Van Allen dug himself a bunker beneath a public park. But his life would get even more precarious. 

A short point and click game that tells the true story of Dominic Van Allen and how he built a bunker in London’s Hampstead Heath. 

The visual novel is based on an article in The Guardian by Tom Lamont and you get to decide whether Dominic is guilty as charged. Read his story and interact with items belonging to Dominic to gain clues. 

The game highlights how we live in the same city but experience life very differently, throwing a light on the ‘invisible homeless’. 

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