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selected paintings

Bokani’s technique involves urgent, gestural movements, exploring and responding to colours as they interact on the canvas. She believes in the integrity, freedom and honesty of abstract painting. Bokani has developed a method over several years of creating rational patterns that lead the viewers’ eye across the paintings, reminiscent of the dancing African printed cloths of her childhood.
Bokani’s work is characterised by spontaneous, vibrant colour, fuelled by an exploration of themes and motifs engaging the viewer intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The details of the paintings are evocative of natural patterns, colours and textures, creating a visual poem to the concept of integral ecology which links our patterns of connection to all life. 


Bokani’s resilient, triumphant and optimistic attitude is conveyed by the powerful and vivid use of colour, structure and texture. Chiefly concerned with our response to the climate crisis, her paintings elicit a new response to nature.

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