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Bokani's artistic practice bridges continents and disciplines, weaving together African sensibilities with Western conceptual art. Born in Zimbabwe and currently based in London, her path transcends geographical boundaries, drawing inspiration from diverse cultural landscapes and intellectual currents.

Formal education played a pivotal role in shaping Bokani's artistic language. Her 2009 undergraduate studies in Politics with Economics at the University of Bath instilled a critical awareness of social and environmental issues, while her 2022 Masters in Art at Goldsmiths College, specialising in Computational Art, honed her technical skills and conceptual frameworks. This interdisciplinary background informs her artistic engagement with themes of integral ecology and climate justice.

Liberatory Black feminist thought serves as another crucial thread in Bokani's tapestry. This engagement manifests in her art through subtle yet powerful allusions to African cosmologies, ancestral narratives, and the lived experiences of marginalized communities. Rigorous research into sustainable economic theory, ethnographic interviews about classic Ndebele traditions, and fabulation are part of the artist's wider inquiry.

Bokani's main chosen medium, stained glass, undergoes a radical transformation in her hands. She pushes the boundaries of this traditionally decorative practice, imbuing it with conceptual depth and contemporary relevance. Intricate abstract work adorns the glass surfaces, narrating stories of resilience, migration, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. Mirrored surfaces dance with reflections, drawing viewers into a dialogue between perception and reality, challenging them to confront their own positionality within the complex web of ecological and social relationships.
The works draw the viewer contemplatively into the piece through a distorted reflection of the metaphysical self and environment. The immersive quality of the paintings creates a liminal space in which new realities seem tantalizingly within reach. Vibrant colors imbue the works with a talismanic quality while the reflective surface acts as a portal, transporting the viewer to a new idealised place. The paintings are in a constant state of flux, adapting to the changes in light that occur throughout the day and the seasons, absorbing and assimilating each new ray.

Through her art, Bokani embraces paradox, inviting viewers to critically engage with pressing social and ecological issues while opening up new possibilities for individual contemplation.




University of Bath

Politics with Economics BSc - 2009

Goldsmiths College, University of London

Computational Art, MA - 2022


Sibone Okunye (solo), National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, 2023

Beyond Figuration: Then and Now, Gillian Jason Gallery, (London, UK) 2023
Untold Stories, 
A public art commission by the London Mayor’s Office for a mural in Freston Road, 2023

Mystical Nature, Roman Road Gallery, (London, UK) 2022
In Conversation Now!
Shapero Rare Books, (London, UK) 2022

Some of us are brave III (Oxford, UK) 2022

#BlackArtOutdoors Billboards  (London, Leeds, Bristol, UK)2020-2021

Port of Call, Changing Room Gallery, (London, UK) 2021

ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, (London, UK)2021

Some of us are brave II Stratford Library,(London, UK) 2021

The New Hues Of Blackness, MYO Victoria, (London, UK) 2021

Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour, Drian Gallery (London, UK), 2021

Shivers, Goldsmiths College, (London, UK) 2021

Some of us are braveJM Gallery,(London, UK) 2021

Advent 2020, St Paul's Hammersmith, 2020

Bare & Bond, Old Bank Vault (London, UK), 2019

Art for Air, Old Bank Vault (London, UK), 2019

Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women, Mount St Jesuit Centre (London, UK), 2019

getLerped, Goldsmiths College (London, UK), 2018

Renaissance, Espace7 (Paris, France),  2018

Chapter Ten, Library Members Club (London, UK), 2018

Still Life, Glasgow Distillery (Glasgow, Scotland), 2017 

Still Life, House for an Art Lover, (Glasgow, Scotland), 2017 

Landscape, Westonbirt Arboretum (Cotsworld, UK), 2017 

Expression, Library Members Club (London, UK) , 2015 – Solo show 


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BBC 1 - The Big Painting Challenge, Winner of the Public Vote, 2018

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Photo: Becky Mursell 

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