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My research has gravitated towards two concepts that seem to reflect each other, Phytoremediation and Tikkun Olam. Phytoremediation, a captivating process, employs plants to cleanse contaminated environments. I’m intrigued by how certain plants show nature's resilience in removing toxins like metal pollutants, pesticides, explosives, and oil spills. In parallel, the concept of Tikkun Olam, deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, mirrors the notion of healing and restoring the world. In my paintings, I find profound inspiration in the interplay of these two ideas. Integral ecology has been a guiding principle in my (spiritual/artistic) practice. 


This exploration of phytoremediation and Tikkun Olam, is part of my interest in understanding our interconnected relationships with the environment and each other. It’s building my contemplation/activism on/for climate justice.


Original painting, Stain glass and mirror

Size: 120 x 60cm



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