‘The Spaces In between’ exhibition W1curates

Natalie and Naomi, authors and founders of the instagram account 'Everyday Racism' joined forces with over 20 artists from the Global Majority to showcase their artwork around race and identity. Each artist brings something profoundly unique, some focusing on the black diasporic perspective whilst others look at storytelling, racial justice and ancestral landscapes.

Located at the heart of London’s iconic Oxford Street where the exterior of the Flannels London Flagship store has been transformed into a public exhibition.

I was delighted to be invited to join some of my favourite artists in this exhibition and am so thankful to have been be part of this. Huge thanks to Natalie and Naomi also bringing us together as a community of artists. I hope it is the start of a generative group!

This exhibition ran from 30 May –2nd June.

‘The Mixed-Race Experience’ is out July 7th, pre order here: https://afroribooks.co.uk/products/the-mixed-race-experience-by-natalie-and-naomi-evans-published-17-feb-2022?variant=39864170676384

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