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Some of us are brave- Notting Hill Exhibition

CasildART is proud to present ‘Some Of Us Are Brave’ an exciting exhibition exploring feminine, form and function in art created by Black women. The exhibition which opens on 5th July, features the work of nine contemporary artists variously expressing ideas about what it means to be a woman and an artist at this time and explores themes ranging from ecology to sexuality, family and myth-making. The exhibiton’s title is borrowed from a book of Black feminist theories published in 1982 entitled All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave. The collection of essays was edited by Akasha (Gloria T.) Hull and Patricia Bell and was the first comprehensive writings on the issue of race and gender in the US, covering everything from racism and sexism to the role of Black female artists. It was also one of the first texts to talk about the intersection of class, race and gender as a way of explaining how Black women's views and experiences were often marginalised in conversations about equality and freedom.

The issues covered in the book are still relevant today and, even though Black women artists are beginning to get the attention they deserve, the exhibition serves to highlight the fact that they have continued to confidently take up space and foreground their lives and stories through an art practice. Some Of Us Are Brave - the exhibition - is intended to open conversations about how art can provoke, inspire and transform our thinking on a range of issues from artistic language to representation and climate emergency. Participating artists include Simone Brewster, furniture and jewellery designer, whose Woman in Parts abstract series is an investigation of the female body; Visual artist, Hannah Uzor whose portrait of Queen Victoria’s Black god-daughter, Sarah Forbes, was recently acquired by English Heritage and abstract artist, Bokani Tshidzu who appeared in the BBC series, Britain's Painting Challenge. The exhibition also features Bryony Benge-Abbott’s large scale and compositions which are immersive studies of nature that play with shapes and pattern, and move between symbolism, abstraction and expressionism. Colourful mixed media collages by Onome Otite that weave myths from her Yoruba heritage into intricate textile assemblages. Helena Appio’s imaginative portraits of women that draw our attention to their importance to family life; and ceramics by Denise Williams that feature irresistible palettes and intriguing forms.. Finally, Cece Phillips, a young talented, self taught artist whose bold figurative paintings of ‘everyday people’ are reminiscent of Barkley L Hendricks’ realist portraits of African Americans. Sukai Eccleston, curator, said ‘I am excited to announce Some of Us Are Brave which features primarily Black British women artists, who are often overlooked, but continue to produce work that is meaningful to them. I hope the works here demonstrate a depth of creative expression that we don't normally see as well as provide insights into how the feminine and form - both in terms of medium and language - are reflected in their practice, and how we understand the purpose of the work, that is its practical use, or a call for cultural uplift, social change or action.’ CasildART is also partnering with the Mayfair Gallery, Signature African Art to present a stunning portrait entitled ‘Breonna Taylor’ by Moufouli Bello, a multimedia artist from Benin, Breonna Taylor is the young African American woman who was shot in her home by the Louisville police last year. Her subsequent death fuelling the Black Lives Matter protests, which continue today to shine a light on the racial and social injustices Black people experience everyday in the UK and USA. All proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to the Taylor family.

Other artists include: Simone Brewster, Onome Otite, Cece Phillips, Bryony Benge-Abbot and Bokani Tshidzu, Hannah Uzor and Denise Williams.


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