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Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour - Drian Gallery

On 7 September 2021 Westminster City Council will install a Green Plaque in honour of the life and legacy of the iconic artist, Halima Nałęcz. The plaque will be located at 5 Porchester Place in Connaught Village, the original site of Halima’s most renowned gallery, Drian, and now the site of Buchanan’s Cheesemonger.

The Westminster Green Plaque scheme launched in 1991 to commemorate the diverse cultural heritage of Westminster and the people who have lived or worked here. It highlights buildings associated with people of renown who have made lasting contributions to society.

To celebrate the occasion, the Church Commissioners are funding a modern day recreation of the Drian Gallery at 14 Porchester Place. The gallery will host a brand new exhibition entitled Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour, curated by art critic and admirer of Halima, Robin Dutt.

The gallery will be open every Thursday – Sunday from 9 September until 10 October. Entrance to the exhibition will be free.



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