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Artist in Residence at Changing Rooms  Gallery

Artist in Residence at Changing Rooms Gallery

I am so excited to have been invited to a residency in the heart of London by Changing Rooms Gallery. I will be making work alongside an exciting artist Emmely Elgersma.

About Changing Rooms Gallery

Changing Room Gallery seeks to change what we know a gallery to be and how we know art to be seen. In a time when creatives are consciously and continually adapting, Changing Room is a gallery that does the same; engaging and aligning itself with change.

Its name, a nod to its location at the back of a garment store, identifies the possibilities for exposing the practices that so often go unseen. Changing Room Gallery encourages you to draw back the curtain and walk in on the artistic process at any time.

Changing Room invites artists to occupy the gallery and work in dialogue with the space and the people who pass through it. Based in the heart of Soho, Changing Room brings the creative process to the forefront of the gallery experience. Changing Room will run a programme of residencies and exhibitions, in which it will integrate process and product, and inspire interaction and conversation.


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