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February 7, 2020

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March 28, 2018

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Sorry for your loss art- Goldsmiths College

February 15, 2019



The shape created in collaboration with colleagues, made me think of a mausoleum or what an elaborate gravestone might look like. The act of projecting into the shape evoked reflections on how we project onto funereal artefacts our changing emotions. Each scene represents a stage of grief, namely shock, denial, overwhelming emotions including anger, bargaining, acceptance and finally adaptation.

The projection installation was accompanied by the 'Wreaths' series of paintings, which alongside inspiration from Isaac Julien and Damien Hirst provided the visual inspiration.


Concept and background research

In approaching this piece, I reflected on my own losses, past and more recent. I engaged in using code, colour and video to articulate the emotions and experiences that are part of the process of mourning. In thinking about art serving a purpose beyond the aesthetic delight of brightly lit colours, I wanted to explore how art could accompany those going through mourning.


Often art has tackled the subject of death as our inevitable fate, death as the means to the afterlife or as a prompt to live this temporary life to its fullest. I wanted to deal with life alongside death, what happens to those left behind. In the scenes, I wanted to provide a poetic language for some of these experiences such that a viewer who h