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Become a patron

Welcome Patrons. I hope you find the work inspiring, that it challenges you and that it brings you joy. I make abstract paintings, digital artwork and installations about how we are interconnected, our response to the climate crisis, social justice and our aspirations for a better future.

Your support makes this practice possible as well as my being able to participate in and lead community projects and provide the resources to collaborate with other artists.


Art Lovers £3 per month

You love the arts, and want to give what you can to make this kind of work sustainable. 

  • One-time Welcome Discount: 25% off anything in the gift shop

  • Anniversary Signed Print Edition

  • Early access to new works and drops

  • Patrons Original Painting Discount - 

Double the sum of your patreon subscription off an original painting, e.g. if you have been an Art Lover Patron for 10 months at £3, we’ll take £60 off the price of any original artwork

  • 20% off any purchase in the Gift Shop 

  • Monthly Studio Update

  • Early access to events, behind-the-scenes content

Got more to give?

There are many ways to support this work from refreshments for an opening night to space for exhibitions and workshops. If you would like to support a specific exhibition or body of work please email the studio for more information about upcoming projects you can be involved with,

Thank you for becoming a patron. I greatly appreciate the support and company along this journey!

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