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Memento Mori 

Life is short. This collection began with an Ash Wednesday mass, where we are reminded: ' You are from dust, and unto dust you shall return'. This is a strangely freeing idea, encouraging us to make the most of now, put into perspective set backs. I started and carried on painting because I wanted to leave something beautiful behind if I was hit by a bus. I was working in a repetitive, soulless job at the time and could not bear the fact that all that would be left would be a marginally adjusted spreadsheet. 

This collection helps me to resolve questions of legacy and what I want to be remembered for, on my terms. God keeps her own score but I wanted to leave something physical. 

More recently, I am inspired by the legacy of love that we have the opportunity everyday to leave behind. I want to create pieces that capture more of this.  

In many of these pieces I am inspired by other artists in the abstract expressionist tradition. Here, I have shown the de Kooning and Kline that started to inform this collection. 

More recently South African photographer and activist artist Zanele Muholi is inspiring me to push on in this direction. 

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