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Image by Christopher Burns

Book launching in September 2023: 

Handle With Care

A guide to looking after your art collection

'Handle with Care: A guide to looking after your art collection' is a comprehensive handbook for art collectors, written by a professional artist, Bokani Tshidzu, with valuable contributions from art handlers, technicians and expert conservators from top institutions. This book provides a detailed and practical guide for art collectors to protect, maintain and preserve their artworks.


We begin by discussing the importance of understanding the materials and techniques used in the creation of artworks. This knowledge is essential for identifying potential risks and damages that can occur over time. The book offers detailed advice on how to handle and transport artworks, including how to properly pack and ship them.


We also address issues related to environmental factors that can affect artworks, such as temperature, humidity, light, and air pollution. The book provides guidelines for controlling these factors and minimizing their impact on artworks.


The book offers valuable advice on how to clean and maintain different types of artworks, such as paintings, sculptures, textiles, and photographs. We also share common conservation issues, such as mold, insect damage, and discoloration, and provides practical solutions for addressing these problems.


In addition, the book also covers the importance of documentation and record-keeping in the conservation of art collections, including how to create inventories, document condition reports, and maintain archives.


'Handle with Care: A guide to looking after your art collection' is a valuable resource for any art collector, providing essential knowledge and practical advice to help preserve and protect art collections for future generations to enjoy.

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